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Hovenia Dulcis

In Korea, Hovenia dulcis (헛개나무) is known for its function to protect the liver.

Hovenia dulcis has remarkable effects on alcoholism, fatty liver, hepatitis, diuretic symptoms, quenching thirst, and as a detox.

The scientific name in specific is Hovenia dulcis var . Koreana Nakai.

Growing in the cool climates of southern central South Korea at an altitude of 50-800m, the Hovenia dulcis tree grows to a width of 80cm and to a height of 10-15m. Extraction from the tree itself has detoxification effects, with the fruit being the most effective. The fruits have an appearance like chicken feet or coral. The taste of the fruit is sweet with seeds similar to dates. There are many names this fruit is also referred by – roughly translated as 'Whitehead wood" and "Black Coral".

Hovenia dulcis is listed and documented in many ancient medical texts, such as the Compendium of Materia Medica and Materia Medica of Tang with the functions of detoxification of alcohol and drugs and beneficial results on recovering from liver diseases. According to clinical trials, Hovenia dulcis originating from Korea are twice as effect when compared to Hovenia dulcis sourced from other countries – making the extracted fruit sourced from South Korea to be the most beneficial and most effective.

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