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Background and Development

Hovenia Berry

-Development & Process

1. Hovenia berry growth in altitude 50-800 meter, high hill without pollution, a precious food for healthy liver to Koreans until now.
2. Main ingredient of Hoganbo is the Hovenia Berry extract HD-1, researched from Professor Na Cheon Su in 10 years. Using a technique to separate the low & high molecular weight polymers. Extract the most beneficial part that benefit our human liver, high molecular weight (114500) polysaccharide molecule name HD-1.
3. Hoganbo is using 100% naturally of Hovenia Berry, HD-1 in healthy supplement-main function of Hovenia Berry extract HD-1 is useful in preventing liver decease a improve liver function.
4. Year 2008, certified by MFDS, approved Hoganbo main ingredient Horenia Berry extract HD-1 can improve liver dysfunctional.

Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved ,consume Hovenia Berry extract 2,460mg per day, is effect in improving liver damage cause by alcohol, tiredness due to stress.

Year 2014 June, release premium set of Hoganbo HD-1, Korea Hoganbo HD-1 Premium.