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Liver Functions

The liver is the largest internal organ with over 500
functions, which 4 of the major ones are:

The liver distributes all the absorbed
nutrients and
oxygen delivered to all the other organs.
The liver helps detoxify and excrete all the absorbed toxins, such as preservatives, coloring, pesticides, and alcohol.
The liver secretes 700ml of bile everyday to
aide digestion.
The liver can concentrate, store, replenish, and clean blood. It also plays a role in maintaining blood circulation. It also acts as a storage component for iron, copper and other minerals. If this function is acting well, problems such as joint pains, high blood pressure, stroke, and other similar problems should not present itself."

Most modern people have very weak detoxifying capacity, leading to constipation problems. But one should know, a day's worth of feces has the same effect as 3 packs of cigarettes. Constipation can lead to abdominal distension, abdominal pain, bad breath, lassitude or fatigue, sleep loss, and irritability. If defecation does not occur after two days or more, the weight of bodily wastes similar to a 6-pound bowling ball. Accumulation of wastes can lead to weight gain and the face will increase in pigmentation patches, pimples, and lack in radiance.

According to statistics, if modern people have poor metabolism, only 30-40% of the nutrients of any nourishing health products will be absorbed, and the rest of the nutrients would be eliminated from the body. After drinking alcohol, men should take two tablets of HD-1 Tab.Gold to increase, up to 3.5 times the usual, the liver's ability to detoxify alcohol and to lessen the headaches and hangover on the second day – keeping their energy levels up even after a night of drinking.

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