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Blood and Blood Vessels

Vascular health is the promise of a happy life.

Blood and Blood Vessels

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The blood vessels are the circulatory system that provide vital nutrients to the cells in blood vessels, the artery, vein and the capillary. The artery and the vein helps to carry the blood while the capillary helps to exchange between the blood and the tissues. The blood has various functions, such as transport gases, nutrients, hormons and detoxify the waste products.

A typical adult has a blood volume of approximately 4-6 liters, occupied 8% of the weight.
The body of a total of 300 million vessels, different length and thickness to 25 mm thick artery, fine to 6 micron capillaries connecting up the total length of 120000 km. (can circle the world two rounds).

Are your vessles healthy?

One aspect of the vascular aging is increased of the age, the vascular lost its original function of blood vessels and caused the arterial stiffness, lost its elasticity. The vascular aging started since 16 years old. The body has no signal when the vascular blockage does not exist 70%. Vascular aging for many reasons. Excessive eating is one of the causes of vascular aging.